Option A: Goal Achievement Plan (3 month commitment)

These options are great for people seeking weight loss or specific fitness goals. Consistency and duration are the best ways to reach your fitness goals. The longer commitment can help to gain more knowledge, confidence, and increase fitness.  Make a commitment and save on your per session rate! All contracts are 3 month commitments. Most all clients that complete this program continue their healthier lifestyle.  (Sessions are to be used in the one month time frame and unused sessions do not roll over)

Monthly Rate
Goal 1
Goal 2

Option B: Individual Sessions

These options are great for small groups of friends working out together, or a husband/wife team.  Having someone there to encourage you is one of the best ways to get the most out of your workouts.  Please contact me for pricing for larger group trainings.

# of People
Rate per person
$85/session $85.00


Option C: Jump Start Your Weight Loss Package 

This package is great for people looking to jump start their weight loss goals or break through a plateau.

  • Package includes:
  •  1month of training (8 sessions, 2 per week)
  • 10 day Herbal Cleanse
  • Timeline and Meal Plan Suggestions
  • Body fat % Assessment and Measurements
  •  Price: $660


Online Programs

Option A: Monthly custom training

  • Custom workouts delivered to you through my online app
  • Consultation questionnaire
  • Weekly check ins
  • Direct messaging with me
  • Track workouts and calories through the app
  • Workouts scheduled directly onto the calendar
  • Ability to connect My Fitness Pal and FitBit
  • Do your workouts from anywhere
  • $300

Option B : 12 Week Home Workout Challenge

Great for those who feel like “there is never enough time”.  With this plan all you have to do is open the app, click on your calendar and start the workout.  Workouts are quick, effective and fun.  Only 20 minutes!

  • 20 minute workouts
  • No equipment needed
  • Workouts delivered in the app
  • Track calories and workouts
  • Connect My Fitness Pal and FitBit
  • Workouts scheduled onto the calendar
  • Timer to keep you going
  • Video and written exercise instruction
  • $90
  • Learn More Here!


Curious about the app? Give it a try here. 

  • Includes 7 days
  • 5 different workouts
  • Opportunity to Explore!
  • (if you click the link and it happens to say there is a waiting list please contact me and let me know)
  • $12


Make a commitment and stick with it! You will feel great!

Please Note: A parking fee may apply. Sessions are allotted a 1 hour time frame. Please be ready to go at your scheduled time. Also, I understand your time is valuable, as is mine too. Therefore if you are unable to make your scheduled session please give 24 hour notice.