She is working really hard and loving her results

Month 1 vs Month 3

Bosu fun!

Summer session outside. 30 lbs down and feeling good

What an amazing transformation! 110lb down


Showing up to her session the morning after becoming a member of the 2016 Sea Gals team! Her hard worked payed off

Working on those lunges

Checking out those gains!

Before and After


Getting outside for a snowy run and having some fun!

HELLOOO bicep!

She worked hard for these!

People come to Seattle to tour the Space Needle. We workout here!

When your client loves working out so much that she sweats in the shape of hearts

Curtsy and high curl

Nice day so we hauled everything outside to the park

Enjoying a beautiful morning outside! Bridge loop run then stations at the park.

Couples who workout together stay together

Quick fun selfie break

So fun to watch my client hit all these milestones

Trained with my client with a beautiful view this morning

Loving her results from the 20 minute workouts online program

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Progress photos showing that CHANGE!

Flip up the bed and have a great workout space. Cute little audience too!

Love a good garage gym!! Always getting after it!

Awesome virtual leg and booty session!

5:30AM sessions outside by the water

Outdoor couples workouts. Love watching how much fun these two have working out together!

Online workout programs available!

Snapshot from a virtual session. Working on those planks.

When your client goes on vacation but is still dedicated to her goals, you get in a virtual sunrise workout!


Loving the feedback from the online 20 minute workout program. Requires no equipment.

When you stay consistent with your workouts during the holidays

Working working working!

Proof you can still get a good workout at home!

When the booty burner workout is fire!!!

Go Go GO!


Loving her one-on-one virtual sessions. Never skipping a beat

Big smiles when I receive text messages like this